Tai Chi Seattle - Seattle School of Tai Chu Chuan

Tai Chi Foundation’s 2018/19

Regional Winter Training in Seattle, WA

December 28, 2018 – January 3, 2019

Our fourth annual Seattle Winter Training is designed to enhance the learning and enjoyment of Tai Chi for all of our students, from those who have just learned the 1st third of the form through our most advanced students and teachers.

Beginning and Integration Level –  We are offering Time in the Art from 3:30 to 4:30pm each afternoon, starting December 28 and continuing through January 3. Time in the Art will be taught by some of the Tai Chi Foundation’s most senior teachers. We will work with specific qualities of Tai Chi to provide invaluable insight and to enhance what we focus on in our weekly classes. Time in the Art will be followed, after a tea break, by Evening Rounds for all students.

Time: 3:30-5:15pm
Cost: $200 for the week, or $40 per day (pay at the door)    Register Now

Listening Hands Level (PH 2/3) – We are offering more advanced work for students who are presently taking Listening Hands. This time is dedicated to refining our listening ability. Building on the work we started at the Whidbey training last summer and have continued locally, this gentle, playful work is very enjoyable.

Time: 3:30-6:15pm
Cost: $250 for the week    Register Now

Apprenticeships – This winter we will be offering three apprenticeship trainings: B1, B2, and B3.  More information about our program for teaching teachers is on the Tai Chi Foundations’s website.  Costs are listed on the Registration page.  Contact David Goodell for additional information.

Push Hands 4 and above – We will build on what we started last winter, pursued more deeply on Whidbey Island last summer, and continue to refine in our weekly classes.

Time: 10:30-6:15
Cost: $425 for the week   Register Now

Daily Schedule

9:30 – 10:30am Senior group (PH 7)
10:30 – 11:30 Advanced Form Work for PH 4 and above
11:30 – 11:45 tea break
11:45 – 12:45 PH 4-5, 6 or Apprenticeships
12:45 – 2:15 LUNCH
2:00 – 3:15 Apprenticeships (continued)
2:15 – 3:15 Sword Form Class
3:30 – 4:30 Time In the Art for all students or Winter Form Work Prep
4:30 – 4:45 tea break
4:45 – 5:15 Evening Rounds for all students
4:45 – 6:15 Winter Form Work for apprentices
5:15 – 6:15 Listening Hands (PH 2/3)

Location: Magnolia Lutheran Church, Downstairs
2414 31st Ave W, Seattle, WA 981993

Five Ways of Arica™

Many people come to Tai Chi for its meditative aspects as well as health and balance. Our school was founded by Patrick Watson, a senior student of the late Professor Cheng Man C’heng. Both recognized the value of the meditation work developed by Oscar Ichazo and offered through the Arica School®, a School of Knowledge. In fact, the Arica® work, central to the development of our curriculum, continues to play a guiding role that informs our most advanced work.

We are very pleased to offer a one day Arica training, The Five Ways of Arica™ on December 27. We are offering it before the rest of the Winter Training begins as it will help inform our Tai Chi study in the days that follow. All students as well as the general public are welcome.

$150 for the general public
$100 for Tai Chi Students
$ 75 for students also enrolled in the Winter Training

Location:  Good Shepherd Center  4649 Sunnyside Ave. Room 223

Register Now

Arica® and Arica School® are registered trademarks of Oscar Ichazo in the United States of America. The Five Ways of Arica is a trademark of Oscar Ichazo.

Tai Chi Foundation’s 2019 Summer Training

on Whidbey Island, WA

Sunday afternoon, July 21 – Sunday morning, July 28

A relaxing week at the idyllic Whidbey Institute, learning and practicing tai chi with a welcoming community. Open to beginners as well as advanced students.  Every training is a little different based on who attends.  Have a look at last year’s schedule for more information.