The Seattle School of Tai Chi Chuan

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Tai Chi Seattle - Seattle School of Tai Chu Chuan

2018 Fall Schedule

Monday evenings in Wallingford

Classes start September 10, 2018
Last classes November 26

5:30    Beginning Form, 1st Third
5:30    1st Third Integration
6:30    Beginning Form, 3rd Third
6:30    Listening Hands (Push Hands 3)
7:30-9:00    Advanced Push Hands and Sword       Register Now

Wednesday evenings on Queen Anne

Classes start September 12, 2018
Last classes December 5, 2018
No class November 21, Thanksgiving week.

4:45     Beginning Form, 1st Third (Class limited to 12)
6:00     Beginning Form, 1st Third (Class limited to 12)
7:15      Beginning Form, 2nd Third        Register Now

Advanced Affiliated Classes

3rd Third Integration Tuesday evenings 6-7 at the Phinney Neighborhood Center, Room 2. Starts 9/11/18 Contact Terry Cook at

2nd-3rd Third Integration at the Magnolia Lutheran Church. Thursday evenings 6:30-7:30. Starts Sept. 13. Starting halfway through B2 we will clear up form questions and work to deepen our awareness of the principals to the end of B3.  Call Becky (206) 851-7391.


Beginning Form, 1st Third is an entry level class and has no prerequisites.
1st Third Integration and Beginning Form, 2nd Third – Beginning Form 1st Third is required.
Beginning Form, 3rd Third – Beginning Form, 2nd Third is required.
Listening Hands – Intermediate Form is required.
Advanced Push Hands – Push Hands 4 is required


Classes are $200 for a 10-12 week session
$100 if you are repeating a class.
Maximum tuition for students taking multiple classes is $300 per 10-12 week session.
Scholarships are available for Beginning Form, 1st Third for people under 35. Email us for information.

If tuition is out of your reach, contact us to discuss a sliding scale.