Seattle School of Tai Chi Chuan

Instruction in Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi Seattle - Seattle School of Tai Chu Chuan

About Our School

We teach the Yang Style Short form of Tai Chi as taught by Prof. Cheng Man-Ching and his student Patrick Watson. We also teach Roots and Branches Qigong which is derived from the Tai Chi form. More information about out Lineage is available from the Tai Chi Foundation.

We have an extensive Curriculum, serving the needs of someone wanting to learn a simple home practice up to someone who wants to deepen their Tai Chi practice, study Push Hands, Sword form, and learn to teach others. Our school teaches the form in stages. Beginning Level teaches the 37-posture form from beginning to end. The more advanced “stages” – Integration, Intermediate Form and so on – refine and deepen the students enjoyment and embodiment of the art. More…

Push Hands is also taught in stages by The School of Tai Chi Chuan. This gentle partner exercise helps students further embody the principles of relaxation, balance, and awareness – all inherent in the Tai Chi form – while moving in harmony with their partner.

Our Lead Teacher

David Goodell is our lead teacher. He has been a School of Tai Chi Chuan instructor since 1982 and Tai Chi student since 1976. He also maintains a private acupuncture practice at the Center for Classical Five-Element Acupuncture on Queen Anne. To purchase a copy of his new book, Opening the Gate of Life: Wisdom for cultivating Health, Vitality and Longevity visit the Five-Element Community Website.

Pathway to Health

Because he loves teaching and has seen so many of his patients become much healthier due to their Tai Chi practice, David founded the Seattle branch of the STCC in January, 2005, when he moved to Seattle. It has always been the mission of the Tai Chi Foundation to teach teachers as well as more casual students. We are very happy that several of our more advanced Seattle students are also teaching some of our classes.